6-song 7"

Will I Still
My Own
I Regret Nothing
Hand Of Inspiration
Kids Of 98

100 copies on transperant blue vinyl
900 copies on black vinyl
Second pressing:
250 copies on black vinyl
release-date: October, 25, 1998



Funtime #14/15, Belgium.
Product X is één van de vele Nederlandse youth crew bands en heeft als uitvalsbasis Tilburg (Travoltas hometown). Deze eerste seven inch verscheen (hoe kan het ook anders) op Robert's Commitment Records en bevat 6 aggressieve oldskool songs. Verrassend muzikale wendingen hoef je natuurlijk niet te verwachten, maar Product X speelt haar aggressieve old-skool wel gedreven en roept hierbij soms herinneringen op aan het Belgische OneXMore. Oh ja, beide kanten kregen de naam "Rebel Side" en "Dark Side" opgespeld en je moet zelf maar eens achterhalen wat de reden is die deze Star Wars-fans deed besluiten om die benamingen te gebruiken...

Get In Touch #6, The Philipinnes.
Powerful youth crew the way I fucking hate college rock. This record makes me more content and proud of my sub-culture. Their lyrics seem so sincere yet passionate they are supposed to. The song 'Kids Of 98' makes me fingerpointing and sing along madly. I think it is also my time. The other songs cover the usual youth crew stuffs. No need to tell. The disc starts with a Star Wars sample (Master Yoda preaching). Ok Star Wars is the motherfucking trademark of most HC bands nowadays. Especially with those who have '88 edge. It's true, stereotyped, but still rules, of course! ('I'm not HC enough to like Star Wars' - Ultimate Warriors). No more Star Wars. These band captures the energy that most youth crew bands are lacking. The guitar is the typical youth crew style with occasional sticks while the bass is kept thick. The vocals is tough NY influenced with occasional chanting. All these musical structures combine to give Product X a great sound. Wait, the slick recording is not yet counted. Highly recommended to all youth crews.

Green Hell Catalogue, Germany.
Neue Scheibe auf dem mittlerweile recht bekannten Commitment Label aus Holland. Gradlinieges, auf den Punkt gebrachtes Old School Geknüppel, wirklich superschnell, brutal und mit einem exzellenten Schlagzeuger. Und der letzte Song "Kids of 98" ist der Singalong Hit schlechthin, teilweise sogar mit Oi!/Streetpunkelementen und ein absoluter Ohrwurm.

Heartattack #22, U.S.A.
Nothing x-tra special about Product X. Just straight forward straight edge hardcore. Don't x-pect to hear anything but ultra positive straight edge. Moshing madness with just a tinge of melody buried underneath just to keep it x-treme. Product X are out to have a good time and to x-press themselves as they see fit, which is all that is really important in the end. X-tra positive.

I Stand Alone #12, U.S.A.
So far this is by far my favorite release on Commitment. I'm not sure why I like this so much for some reason it just comes across as really catchy Gorilla Biscuits sounding stuff, it's so positive and so happy I can't help but be in a good mood when I listen to it. The guitar riffs to this are awesome they totally make the record. These kids are in the top 5 percent of all the revival old school bands and this record is well worth picking up.

It's Raining Truths #3, The Netherlands.
Yeah, here's another new Dutch youthcrew band. I guess nobody is suprised Robert decided to put out their first 7". I saw them live a few times and really liked it but I have mixed feelings about this record. Their favourite band is Battery and I don't really like them. But still, this band is not bad at all. If you like Battery and don't mind burly vocals this one's for you. But please no more Star Wars samples!

Maximum Rock n Roll #191, U.S.A.
Gotta admit, the band name threw me off. Once you realize the subtle difference, you're probably prepared to guess the remainder. Energetic, 'Finger in the Air' (as the cover would indicate) straight edge. Not that I'm complaining - it's quick, definitely punchy, and the choruses/breaks are executed with unfaltering precision. Won't blow you into the ionosphere, but you'll be singing along with your feet still on earth.

No Barcodes Necessary #8, Northern Ireland.
Now this is what I call a corker of a 7". The music is fast, energetic and bursting with power. Take YOT, Judge and add some Infest and this is what you get, but of course with Product X's own personality. They are a Dutch straightedge band and make me sit up and notice. Oh how this band brings back memories of the 80's. Great tunes, lyrics and packaging. Buy this.

Reflections #12, The Netherlands.
I gotta admit: these guys know how to play. Their main influence may be Battery and other 'new' old school bands, they surely know how to do it. Sure, the lyrics show that these guys are kinda young, as there's quite some 'we will remain' kinda words in their songs but the enthousiasm is here. Despite their name and a songtitle like 'Kids Of 98' (which has this 'oohhooo, ohhhooo 7seconds kinda part in it, funny!) they're good enough to be checked out. I hope they truly will remain. They are nice guys and their positivity is for real. Just one thing: try and give us some more in-depth lyrics.

Speak My Mind #1, The Netherlands.
This is heavily Star Wars and Battery inspired hardcore, what I really like about this record are the occasionally acoustic guitar parts which add something different to the youth crew sound. The singer sings like he has had some singing lessons from Mike Judge and Freddy Madball. About the name of the band, I've heard rumours they're going to change it in Point Break. All in all another record that proves the Dutch straight edge crew is still alive and kicking.

Spirit Remains #4, Sweden.
A real cliche name on this group. I expected lyrics that would make Project X lyrics look like little emo-stories but I was wrong! Instead I got lyrics about the youth of today (not the band), believe in yourself, inspirations and more, rather good. Music wise they have a rather straight forward, noisy, fast sound, similar to Battery and stuff, a little heavier style of old school. I didn't like the record first. I had something against the voice but after listening to it a couple of times I've changed my mind. This is good and I want more from these guys. Great layout, hey it's on Commitment! I expected ultra militant sxe but I got great positive Hc (yeah!). A big fat plus for the cover, sk8-straight!!

Step Forward #3, The Philipinnes.
I have this rule right now - everything releases by Commitment rocks! And this EP is no exception. Product X's music really kicks ass (sxe youth crew of course!). The disc starts off with Master Yoda preaching to Luke. The lyrics are pretty smart too, unlike some would be sxe bands that we know of. These guys are really fucking positive and would definitely make you go and fingerpoint all night long. My favorite song is Kids Of 98, which is really melodic and would definitely make you stage dive in your bed! As stereotyped to all Commitment releases, the layouts here is fantastic and will make you wanna see this band live. Maybe I'll look for work and save enough money, fly to Hollland and live there for the rest of my life. Ha!

Suspect Device #34, UK.
Positive hardcore from Tilburg, Holland. Product X play fast and noisy, with aggressive NY sounding vocals, youth crew back ups, Star Wars samples. I like it! I'm listening to it now and it's just clicked who the singer reminds me of, it's Deek from Oi Polloi.

Think Again #2, The Netherlands.
More youthcrew s.e. on Commitment again. This time by the young Dutch outfit Product X. And again this is a promising band. The sound they create reminds me of Sweden's favorites Final Exit. Fast hardcore, with quite aggressive vocal parts, cool singalongs and enough variety to stay very interesting. All six songs are recorded on one day and you can hear that. It sounds like the band has recorded the songs live and direct, which gives the 7" an energetic feeling. Sometimes it doesn't sound all that tight but that doesn't really matter to me because the positive feeling comes along very good.

Wat X Eber #1, The Philipinnes.
This is a new release of Commitment lot's of singalongs with the kinda NY sounding vocals their lyrics are pure positive they got the song, Will I Still, My Own, I Regret Nothing, Hands Of Inspiration, Positive, Kids Of 98. This have full glossy cover and good lay-out. Robert did another good job.