6-song 7"

You Don't Know
Heart Of Words
Wall Of Pain
My Life, My Style
Wrong Direction

100 copies on solid yellow vinyl
950 copies on black vinyl
Second pressing:
250 copies on black vinyl
release-date: October 10, 1998



Arm's Length #3, The Netherlands.
Great debut on Netherlands finest straight edge label Commitment. Most of you know Reaching Forward from the Reflections compilation. But now they show up with a new singer, without doubt the craziest kid around, Johnny 'the asshole'. RF's music style is fast and a bit screaming straight edge but with lots of mosh parts. Johnny deals with the metal in the scene and of course with straight edge. Go see these kids live and see how they show their positive aggression. A new LP is expected soon on our Belgian uncle Hans' label: Sobermind.

Embrace #5, Malaysia.
Yuck!!! Musically, they're old-school HC and they've done it well until you read some of the dumb lyrics. I thought HC is more than just a t-shirt, stage-diving, youthcrew etc but this wasn't the case for Reaching Forward (because that is what they sings about for the most part), and I had a hard times to deal with their idea on Hardcore like try to make a bunch of moron to beat up people they don't like (and Reaching Forward also called themselves straight-edge???).

False Identity #7, Belgium.
They are from Holland and I probably can compare them with the Belgian band Building for their lyrics & anger. That's another furious youth crew old school Hc band; they are similar to Building in their feeling but not in their music. There are 6 songs here with a good voice and that's well done.

Forum #4, Malaysia.
Another great release from Commitment Records and RxF. College boys haircut, hooded sweatshirts, baggy jeans, skate shoes.. get the clue ?? You bet, this is HC all right ! (what ??) This band really reminds me a lot of those college-core thing, in fact you can hear some parts of C.O.S. and Y.O.T. here and there. And as a stereotype to all Commitment releases, this band sang about metal, sXe, violent dancing and more metal. The lyrics of 'My Life My Style' is kinda ignorant tho' "throw away that beer, let's save the earth (...) pick up a Coke and join our fight.." what's that supposed to mean guys ?? But if you're like me who detest death metal in the HC scene as much as I detest homophobia, then this is our thing. No slow, just Go!

Get In Touch #6, The Philipinnes.
Another great release from Commitment records, first, I would like to mention that Youth Crew is also celebrated by the RXF crew they really got the spirit and pose of Youth Of Today's Youth Crew circa 'We're Not In This Alone' together with the BMX and Running shoes, the only new is they have girls in the crew (that's great). RXF plays fast old school HC not unlike those bands in Commitment. They done it with aggression and sincerity. This record starts with an introduction like this 'Yo this is Johnny Forward and I got something to say. I'm sick about the commercial big ass, punk ass wanna be HC' maybe that's true, they got this anti-macho image song. It sounds funny it goes like this 'we need metal--detector's at every door' so metal fans beware before going to RXF shows be sure that you don't bring your metal attitude ok. There is this song that sound incoherent 'come on man throw away that beer, lets save the earth wel hold so dear, together, side by side, pick up a coke and join our fight' what that mean?! But more of the songs are really good lot's of danceable parts and wild choruses. OK. Back to the inserts, it's professionally laid-out lot's of great photos, the cover is a skull with X-ed hand punched in, have a bit resemblance to Metallica's artwork.

Green Hell Catalogue, Germany.
Und schon wieder eine neue Old School Kapelle aus Holland. Wie alle neuen Bands aus dem Land der beliebten Wegfahrsperren ("Krallen") sehr heftig und schnell, die könnten locker mit 97A mithalten. Für den rotzigen Gesang ist übrigens der Bassist von Mainstrike verantwortlich.

Heartattack #22, USA.
Reaching Forward knows that they aren't playing anything new or original but they don't give a fuck, which is the way it ought to be. '88 influenced straight edge hardcore. Straight up. Some of the lyrics are really funny (not to say that I am laughing at Reaching Forward, but that I am laughing with them). Finger pointing, moshing, magic markers, and x watches. Positively go!

I Stand Alone #12, U.S.A.
The slogan on the inside of the record reads "No slow, just go!" and it pretty well sums it up. Very fast old school style hardcore from Europe.

It's Raining Truths #3, The Netherlands.
A hellish green cover is staring at me, while after I dropped the needle, Johnny Forward sets his statement loud and clear; this is hardcore as it is supposed to be. I don't know if my definition is as narrow as his, but Reaching Forward sure fits in fine! This is fast powerful positive hardcore. Lots like the famous '88 bands, but Reaching Forward manages to do it just a little more rough, with more screaming vocals and almost even more speed. And I can't think of any argument against that. I like rough screaming ultra-fast hardcore, yeah! On top of that the lyrics have a large singalong potential, which is great because the lyrics are good fun. Conclusion: the perfect soundtrack for some bedroom fingerpointing and singalong session.

Maximum Rock n Roll #191, U.S.A.
With lyrics like "Come on man put on that INSTED shirt, now mosh around without others getting hurt", I don't think there is any question what this band sounds like. If pubescent Caucasian kids wearing the latest in Nike apparel, that have big X's on their hand, sounds like your cup of tea, then have at it. (Rob Coons)
This is one of the several records that came in this month from European bands that emulate late '80 straightedge HC and dpo a damn fine job of it. With lyrics like "point your finger and jump into the crowd", these guys aren't tough, they're just cute. But the vocals are raw and the music is energetic and victorious. (Jacqueline Prichard)

No Barcodes Necessary #8, Northern Ireland.
Pretty fast hardcore, from this Dutch band, with a slight youthcrew feel to it. Straight ahead, to the point, with great aggressive vocals. I like this because they have optimism of youth, that a lot of us loose along the way - so it was a good ole kick up my arse. A sense of humour also prevails with their anti metal anti violence, friendship inspired mayhem. Definitely straightedge, with big X's everywhere, pile ons, finger point - aw - the whole works. Great quality recording, impressive graphics - ah - just buy the bloody thing. As it says on the sleeve 'No slow, just go!'.

Side Up #2, Singapore.
A new breed of old-skool SxE band with positive lyrics at its best. This band comes from Holland and it shows that the old-skool SxE scene in Holland is expanding its wings. They are best described as 97a with a youth crew sound. In their lyrics, they express a positive SxE message. A good band for the future. You could feel the energy flowing thru' your veins. Another good old-skool SxE band from Commitment Records. No slow, just go!!!

Speak My Mind #1, The Netherlands.
Fucking speechless, once again, after the first time I heard this seveninch, it's so aggressive, there's so much energy in it, it is truly amazing. If you like raw, raging, fast hardcore, you're going crazy hearing this seveninch. With the one and only Johnny Forward doing the vocals, this band has matured a lot, musicwise. The lyrics are great as well, pretty funny, but always with a message. I think this bunch of guys will become one of Europe's leading straight edge bands within a couple of years, especially after having heard some of the new material. Check out this band because they are going to be in the new millennium what Youth Of Today was in '88.

Spirit Remains #3, Sweden.
When I bought this I had rather high expectations. The layout is good, you know, cool photos and it's on Commitment so... I put it on my turn table and I enjoy it. Fast, aggressive Hc with a good raging voice. I open the booklet and Reaching Forward show me why I shouldn't like them. The lyrics is sooo lame!! Come on man, it must be more to sing about then how metal shouldn't be a part of Hc or am I wrong? I guess I don't belong in their Hc world coz' I actually enjoy listening to some metal then and now. Splitting up the scene or what! And don't forget, some of those old band members has dropped the edge too not just metal heads! Well I think R.F. should save their world with their Coke but not together with me. Sure, I maybe shouldn't take them too serious but still, Hc must be more than anti metal. Well they actually rocks live, energetic and lot's of jumpings and stuff so I forgive them because of that. Good music and lame lyrics!

Step Forward #3, The Philipinnes.
The cover looks like metal artwork from the mid 80's. The disc starts off with Johnny Forward (Mainstrike) telling people what this disc is all about- being sick of all the macho images in hardcore. The music is speedy late 80's hardcore kinda like Chain Of Strength. Some of the lyrics are pretty funnt but also packs a mean punch at the same time 'it's easy to steal Kreator riffs and play cheap metalcore' 'let's save the earth that we hold dear, together, side by side, pick up a coke and join our fight' 'we need metal detectors at every door'. I noticed they also copied YOT's We're not in this alone picture in the sleeves. Great 7". Now go on and write songs that address more important topics. No slow, all GO !

Wat X Eber #1, The Philipinnes.
Wow!!! What a great 7" I really love their style (old school) some people describe it as '97A with a youth crew sauce' but for me this is Pure Positive sXe hardcore. They sung about violence dancing and negativity as for packaging, it's clean and well lay-out + a couple of good photos. I recommend this to all the youth crewers.