6-song 7"

I Refuse Your Drugs
Sights Are Set
We'll Win
Stand Against
You Lose

First pressing:
150 copies on solid violet vinyl
850 copies on black vinyl
Second pressing:
500 copies on black vinyl
release-date: July, 28, 1998

€ 6 ppd world.


Arm's Length #3, The Netherlands.
Wow, this is what I call screaming hardcore. And it's cool to hear there are other bands from Belgium than just metalcore. The vocals are more screaming than lots of these emocore bands and it knows to touch your heart. The music has cool and special guitar parts in it. Robert of Commitment has just released a great album again.

Backdrop #2, Belgium.
Belgian Old school on Commitment Records. They play the usual '88 sound, but their vocalist is more "original" than other old school singers. One X More is fast, energetic, cool and the production is also good. They are one of the better old school bands from Belgium.

Empowerment #10, France.
Old school SxE is tgat enough?? well, strong choruses by the crew, moshy parts & a pretty fast pace with lotsa drum rolls. Guitars pouring SxE anthems... The originality mainly comes from the voice I'd say.. Kinda raw & shouted bringing in a different edge & sound. Lyrics about basic issues such as drugs & being down to earth, setting goals in your life, friendship & life problem, hardline & homophobia, mass media.. pretty intelligent lyrics & overall good quality job. Nice scene there hey ?? Common' Amsterdam isn't the only godam place to go!!

False Identity #7, Belgium.
This band is really what the "Furious" word mean. This Belgian band from the Antwerp area is playing that kind of old school hardcore 87/88 with emotions and feelings. That's 100% fast and furious with good lyrics as Congress, they explain the meaning of their songs. Their lyrics deal with reflections and personal opinions.

Funtime #12, Belgium.
De laatste boreling op het intussen stevig groeiende label is in tegenstelling tot al de andere geen Nederlandse, maar een Belgische band. OneXMore speelt oldschool hardcore op een meer aggressieve manier, meer in de stijl van 97A. De zes nummers tellende 7" is voorzien van een sobere doch mooie lay-out. De teksten gaan over de typische onderwerpen zoals straight edge, de media en vriendschap, en zijn voorzien van een duidelijke verklaring. Mooi werk en dat de optredens mogen volgen (Steven).
Het Nederlandse Commitment Records blijft seven inches afvuren met oldskool hardcore en, het mag gezegd, zij doen dat goed. Een puike lay-out, aandacht voor de teksten en goede bands maken van Commitment Records een prachtlabel. Deze keer is het de beurt aan onze landgenoten van OneXMore (die je ook al op de Commitment-verzamelaar aantrof). Deze Wortelse jongelieden sturen zes songs op je af die oprecht en aggressief/bezield klinken. Daarbaast tref je ook nog verstandige teksten als "Stand Against" aan, zodat je als kritische luisteraar geen enkel punt van commentaar kan leveren. Er is oldskool-leven in de Belgische brouwerij.

Get In Touch #5, The Philippes.
Another great release from Commitment Records. Lot's go's and wild choruses in here. Think Y.O.T. with roaring vocals. Their lyrics are pretty typical but interesting and somehow original. It tackles topics like drugs, (anti) hardline, friendship, mass media, SxE and etc. And each of these songs is briefly explained, yeah! As for the packaging and layout, it's clean and well lay out + a couple of good photos.

Green Hell Catalogue, Germany.
Eine der besten Commitment Platten bis jetzt!!! OneXMore sind eine neue Old School SXE Band aus Belgien und die 6 Songs gehen voll nach vorne los - kraftvoller 88 Style Youth Crew SXE mit schön aggressivem Gesang, durchgehend flottes Tempo und praktisch keinen Slowdowns. Die Texte sind durchweg gut und offenbaren eine Toleranz, die vielen SXE Bands leider abgeht.

Heartattack #22, USA.
On the surface, this record is your typical straight edge stuff. The music isn't all that innovative, but it does hit all the right chords. (No pun intended) The songs are styled after uptempo bands and the vocals are screamed outright. What sets this record apart is the lyrics. Each song, though basic in form, takes a moment to talk about topics relevant in straightedge today. OneXMore discuss friendsip, resisting drugs, the media, and why hardline sucks. The last song is tribute to the singer's dad, now deceased. The liner notes take a moment to explain what is going on behind all the anthems - and that is cool.

I Stand Alone # 12, U.S.A.
I like the way they include explanations of what all the songs are about. That really helps because sometimes (especially after 8 billion reviews) I'm not very perspective. They have songs about straight- edge, friendship, anti-hardline, and mass media. They play fast screamy old school hardcore complete with sing a longs and all.

International Straight Edge Bulletin #25, France.
Commitment records has definitely become one of the best labels around these days. All of their records are well produced, fast, powerful, Straight Edge and intelligent! A lot of work and attention always goes into the layouts. One More already appeared on a couple comps and made a good impression on me. Although this is excellent I was expecting better. 6 very fast songs, it sounds like the singer has a cold when they recorded it but in a way it gives it an orginal touch. The lyrics are a bit basic but come with explanations (I love that!) and deal with drugs, hardline (anti), the media, SxE, friendship.

It's Raining Truths #3, The Netherlands.
Yo, this is a Belgium youthcrew band, cool! They play fast, energetic hardcore and the aggressive vocals make them stand out from other old school bands. Don't get turned off by the boring cover and buy this one. It kicks ass.

Like An Arrow #1, The Netherlands.
I saw this band for the first time at the X-men festival in Amsterdam a year and a half ago. I hated them. I didn't like them at all, but people kept telling me that they were cool, so I gave them a second chance. I'm glad I did, because I've been playing this tape forever lately. One X More plays some extremely fast positive hardcore with a screaming singer (which you have to get used to I guess). Not unlike 97a. These really nice kids from Belgium are gonna be the Commitment Records hit, believe me. Go see them live, it's a happening!

MRR #186, USA.
Heartfelt TEN YARD FIGHT-ish Belgium sXe. ONE MORE uses song descriptions to expand on some important beliefs that I personally hope will become more common amongs the sXe "crews", like respecting people whom have chosen a different lifestyle than you and that hardline, especially pro-life and homophobic ideas, have no place in this world, including the HC scene.

New Wind #3, France.
This is the first 7" from One X More. I only had the latest one and I'm very glad that I received this one. All this to say that it's as good as their second 7", still the same powerful, angry yet melodic old school hardcore. But most of you must have it by now cause it's old. So let's use this review to say that they will have a full-lenght out soon, but the label is not sure yet. Buy this if you don't own it yet !

Reflections #11, The Netherlands.
Commitment 008 already. Robert, who does this label, is really fast with releasing new records. This one is from a 'Wortel'-based band who play hyperfast oldschool with a vocalist that frankly doesn't get to me. He sings a bit too much 'over-the-top'. It sounds a bit too rough and uncontrolled. Somehow that works a but against them to hear the lyrics where they make statements against (of course) drugs ('I refuse your drugs'), hardline ('stand against') or mass-media ('you lose'). The lyrics all have explanations but are so clearly written that they don't really need that. It's not a bad 7", in case you got that impression but I think it would be better if they waited a little longer before this was recorded.

Side Up #2, Singapore.
Another great old-skool SxE band coming out from Belgium. The European Hc scene have produced a lot of new and upcoming old-skool SxE bands with positive messages. This Belgian positive SxE band plays old-skool HC in ya face. By now you should know what to expect from this band.

Speak My Mind #1, The Netherlands.
After the not that great Vitamin X record and that other record which name I'm not going to type again Commitment is back! This is raging hardcore with smart lyrics dealing with hardline, friends and mass media. The best song on this record is Why? which deals with the death of the father of the singer. There's so much emotion in this song, it made me shiver. This isn't your typical youth crew thing, this is far much better and proves that there are still great new bands coming out of Belgium!

Spirit Remains #2, Sweden.
The latest release (not any longer) from Commitment and I would say that it is pretty good. This is fast old school with a raging voice. The lyrics are mostly about sXe but also friendship and hardline (they are against it). If you like the other records that are out on Commitment you will probably like this too. And after seeing them live this summer only made me want this record.

Step Forward #3, The Philipinnes.
Another top quality release from Commitment Records. These guys are from Belgium unlike most bands on Commitment, which are from Holland. The music is fast, powerful youth crew that at times remind me of YOT but what sets them apart are the vocals which are snarled and growled which is an interesting twist from other bands in this genre. Another plus here is that they included explanations rather than just putting rockstar like photos (which leads me to ask why didn't they show their faces on the sleeves?). Typical youth crew topics like resisting drugs, friendship, anti-hardline and a song about the death of the father of one member.

Straight Force #4, USA.
SxE hardcore from Belgium! Normal sxe hardcore music, but screamed vocals, similar to Roach of Those Poor Bastards making it different. Some catchy shit here and worth checking out!

Suspect Device #34, UK.
First release from One X More, who come from Belgium. They play fast youth crew hardcore, really powerful stuff, and the aggressive vocals do it for me big time. Excellent lyrics covering drugs, friendship, hardline bullshit and personal loss, with explanations after each song, which is cool. This is DIY hardcore punk at its best, you should buy it! Oh yeah, really nice packaging too, which is the norm with Commitment Records.

Think Again #1, The Netherlands.
Commitment Records is becoming one of the more important labels to count on for people who are into old school straight edge. The label has already released 7"'s from Dutch bands Oil, Vitamin X and more. I believe this is the first foreign band releasing at Commitment, because OneXMore is from Belgium. Where most of the Belgian straight edge bands are in the metallic newschool style, OneXMore play their hardcore the oldschool way. The difference between OneXMore and most oldschool bands nowadays lies in the extreme screaming vocals from singer Tim. The rest of the music is just fast, raging oldschool hardcore, which is already cool by itself. Tim's vocals however just make the band a bit more special to me. The explanations to the lyrics are well- thought and sympathic too. I like this one.

Words Run As Thick As Blood #1, Norway.
This is an old school bands from Belgium, which is more known for metal (HC) bands, than bands playing this style. These guys play hardcore in the vain of Wide Awake and Project X, but with screamy/brutal vocals. Maybe a bit like 97A. Their lyrics deal with sxe, friendship, sticking to your ideals, criticism of the mass media and one song is against the hardline movement. Another fine release from the Commitment label.