7-song 7"

Cross The Table
Maybe Someday?
Day's Coming Back
We Won't Take Part
Behind The Mirror
It Never Ended
All We Tried

First pressing:
100 copies on transperant vinyl
900 copies on black vinyl
Second pressing:
500 copies on black vinyl, with a black-red cover instead of the black-green of the first pressing
release-date: May 29, 1998

€ 6 ppd world.


Arm's Length #2, The Netherlands.
A militant straight edge project by members of Crivits and GuidingLine. This 7 tracks single is really cool and specially the song "All We Tried", great sing a long. Still I wonder why these guys are still wearing masks on stage. I always thought straight edge was about positive thinking, but this scares me, but it is still a great 7".

Back To Back #4, The Netherlands.
X-Men is een project met leden van GuidingLine en Crivits. Nou vind ik deze 2 bands al heel erg goed dus kon X-Men al bijna niet slecht zijn. X-Men speelt wel hele andere muziek dan die 2 bands. Ze spelen snelle en energieke old school straight edge hardcore in de stijl van bands als Judge en Chain Of Strenght en dat doen ze heel goed. Alle 7 nummers lang is het genieten geblazen en kan je gewoon niet stil blijven zitten. Ik kijk er dan ook echt naar uit om deze band eens live te zien, want als je de muziek hoort kan het bijna niet anders dan dat het één groot feest wordt. Ik hoop dat dit project een echte band wordt, want deze 7" is echt super goed.

Embrace #5, Malaysia.
Funny, all of them wear mask on stage so nobody will know who they are. This is more like Judge, SOIA, etc (more NYHC than European style). Thank god the lyric was not dumb, otherwise wearing mask is not such a bad idea at all.

Funtime #12, Belgium.
Dit label weet echt van geen ophouden en blijft ons overspoelen met hun releases. Maar het moet geweten zijn, dit is zeker en vast de beste van allemaal. Kan het ook anders: X-men is een mysterieuze band, nergens is er een naam of een duidelijke foto van de bandleden te bespeuren, maar het is een project rond leden van GuidingLine en de legendarische Crivit. Hun sound valt te omschrijven als een kruising tussen Judge en Chain Of Strength (vooral dat gevoelige in de zang) en je kan ervan op aan dat deze combinatie staat als een huis. De nummers zijn energiek en emotioneel en voorzien van krachtige en juistgeplaatste backing vocals. Maak uw platendraaier vrij voor de Nederlandse antwoord op Project X.

Heartattack #22, USA.
Would it be redundant to mention that X-Men is a straightedge band? Just kidding, of course would be. There is an amazing similarity to Insted's "Feel Their Pain" in the first song, so I couldn't shake that comparison as I listened to the rest of the record. All but one of their songs deal with personal struggle and commitment. The other song brings up animal liberation and vegetarianism in a few obsure lines. Not bad.

International Straight Edge Bulletin #25, France.
Another top quality release on Commitment. Ok, it's that fast 88 style shit, but it's very well done, tight and excellently produced. Same goes for the lyrics: not original but nothing dumb is said, far from it. Superb artwork and funny photos. Members of the Crivits & GuidingLine.

Me And Mr. T #1, Mexico.
SXE hardcore militante (aunque creo que a muchos no se les hacen tan militantes porqua nada mas ven las fotos y se ríen) que pr algún tiempo permanecieron como incógnitos ante la escena hardcore de Holanda ya que siempre salían enmascarados para guardar su identidad, ahora ya se sabe que son miembros de Crivits y GuidingLine. Me recuarda mucho al estilo de Project X, canciones que serán himnos para tu crew, qua hablan sobre unidad, lealtad y de volver a los viejos días, y una canción sobre corazones rotos.

MRR #183, USA.
88 Youth Crew hardcore that you'd expect coming out of Europe right now. Fans of the type of new-school SXE that Crucial Response is famous for putting out will be pleased by this, I sure was. Think Rectify, Unison and Mainstrike rolled into one big straight-edge burrito, hold the dairy.

Reflections #12, The Netherlands.
This 7" should had its review in #10 as well but since the band probably broke up by now this is the only thing they'll ever release and it's good enough to be mentioned. When people in Holland (cause that's where this band comes from) say 'X-men' they say 'Chain Of Strength'. That's their main influence and well, 'Project X', because this is also a project with people from all different other bands (Crivits, GuidingLine, Oil). They always play with masks on and the last gig that I saw they even played with three guitarplayers and two bassplayers!! Jeff from Crivits, who normally plays the guitar bursts out the vocals and with enough passion that you actually believe it, lets us know that there's 'No excuse!' and there sure isn't!

Side Up #2, Singapore.
At first when you look at this record, you might think that this band is a militant band but for me they aren't. Its their way of dressing up which makes them look like cartoon X-Men. They use masks when they play live on stage like the real X-Men do. Coool... By the way, it's a great name. This band is a project band consist of members of Crivits and GuidingLine, I think. They sound like a cross between Chain Of Strength and Judge. If any of you guys/gals have a video of them playing live, pls contact me. I wish to see them playing live on stage with their masks on.

Speak Our Minds #1, The Netherlands.
Since I only have this one on tape, I can only talk about the music, but I think it shouldn't be hard to guess what the lyrics are about from a band that is known as Rotterdam's extreme Straight Edge project. Wearing balaclaves on stage is kinda unusual, but really extreme? Nah, I don't think so. But hey, it's the music that's still the most important, so why should I wine about image? To say it in short, this band, that consists of GuidingLine and Crivits members, plays pretty heavy old style hardcore which sounds something like a mixture between, let's say, Judge and Undertow. Without doubt a cool record but not as impressive as I expected. Still I'm pretty curious about the final result.

Spirit Remains #2, Sweden.
When I first heard of X-Men and when I saw the lyrics sheet I got this feeling of that this is militant-sXe-youth-crew-in my face but it ain't that hard. Sure, they wear masks and stuff but the lyrics deal with sXe, the scene, friendship and stuff, not so hard but I like them anyway. Musically they remind me of Judge and C.O.S., maybe more Judge and even Project X pop up in my mind. It's on Commitment so you know that the layout kicks ass! I haven't much more to say... Hoods up, the X-Men are here !!

Straight Force #4, USA.
SXE hardcore from Holland in the old school, YOT vein. Kinda generic lyrics, but good musically with some catchy breaks. Worth checking out if you're into the style; no metal here! Though I can't understand the hoodies and gas masks...