7-song 7"

Who's Right
Different Path
Quit Your Bullshit
He Doesn't Exist
The Way Out

150 copies on solid red vinyl
850 copies on grey vinyl
release-date: August, 15, 1998

€ 6 ppd world.


Arm's Length #3, The Netherlands.
Well, when I looked at this extremely cool lay out I expected something really good. But after listening to the music a couple of times I have to say that I can't come into the vocalist's style of singing. It sounds to me like some kid trying to shout but who's just lost his voice. The music on the other hand is really cool and I can hear the enthousiasm in it. Check it out for your self.

Backdrop #2, Belgium.
This is very fast oldschool power from the Netherlands. Actually I think Soberesponse is not that band where everybody is looking for. Maybe they should have waited some time more for releasing a 7". There certainly are better bands on Commitment Recs. But hey, this 7" isn't bad, I just don't like this kind of old school.

DIY-Magazine #1, USA.
Remember the fabled '88 youth crew scene we had here in the states?? Well, if you long for those days and think they will never happen again you should move to Europe, specifically the Netherlands and be a part of the '98 youth crew scene they have going on over there. It is very similar in sound to the whole spirit of '88 stuff and that comes across big time in each of the bands I have heard from there. Soberesponse (gee I think they are straight edge???) are the European version of "Can't Close My Eyes" era YOT. The second song on this 7" ("Pain") sounds just like "Expectations", so much so that I almost thought they were doing a cover of that one. A few others tracks sound like some other YOT classics as well, and if you are going to sound like another band, YOT is not a bad band to sound like at all. The vox don't sound like Ray is on the mic, but the music does sound like it could be the other guys playing. A lot of similar lyrics to many other previous bands, but they still provide insights to what is wrong with the scene and speak the truth. One thing I have noticed is that the Euro scene is experiencing a lot of similar problems the late '80s sXe American scene had. Hopefully, they will be able to learn from mistakes we have already witnessed and build up an even stronger scene I neither neck of the world. With bands like Soberesponse I can definitely see that happening.

Empowerment Newsletter #10, France.
Woaw.. from Netherlands, you know Lärm, MLB... well this is no exception, fast political xx-core with speedy & catchy guitar riffs & little harmonies followed by that classical old school drum beat.. you can feel it coming.. & start jumping! Kinda in-between Mainstrike (with choruses & youth anthems) & Colt Turkey/Profound. Lyrics are dealing with fights at shows, oppositions, HC trends, individuality... Nice artwork & production from these Communists!

Get In Touch #6, The Philipinnes.
Soberesponse music is very much influenced by Man Lifting Banner as well as the lyrics. They have that old fashioned blasting guitars that compliment their fast old school style with occasional mosh parts. There are a lot of choruses, a couple of Go's and spoken lines. The drums seems so repetitive. Their lyrics range from the personal, how the media and big corporations abuse the animals and fool the people, lost friendships and to the song 'He Does Not Exist' attacks the church and the imaginary God. 'People are starving but the church is in gold'. The lyrics are assortment of social problems and how they approach with it. The inserts include the band's brief history and their goals. The recording is raw. The cover is a 1917 picture of a bullet-ridden restaurant's window.

Green Hell Mailorder Catalogue.
Was den Belgiern der Metalcore ist, scheint den Holländern der Posicore zu sein, das ist ja eine regelrechte Flut, die da über uns hereinbricht. Nichtsdestotrotz, solider Old School Straight Edge im Stil der übrigen Commitment Bands wie Oil, Guiding Line oder X-Men. Gut.

Heartattack #22, USA.
With a name like that, you have to expect straightedge. Soberesponse play catchy, enthusiastic youth crew tunes. The vocal style is like Gorilla Biscuits, but the brisk music is more like Youth Of Today or 97a. While they are by no means pioneers, these guys do a good job of recreating a sound beloved by many. They have a lot of energy and are dedicated to the edge.

I Stand Alone #12, USA.
Pretty straightforward European style Old School. If you're into the Crucial Response style stuff then you will probably like this. It didn't really have anything to offer that stuck in my mind. It's not bad it's just not something that really grabbed my attention either. Nice layout, pretty good recording and it will certainly appeal to the old school purists out there.

MRR #186, USA.
OK, take a wild guess what they play. Yup, in your face, speedy straight edge. Good shit as with most of the European straight edge bands that play the '88 posi-edge hardcore. The label Commitment is putting out a ton of up-and-coming Dutch straight edge, so if you want more, contact them for their catalog. I'd love to go to a youth crew fest in Europe, I bet it's the shit.

No Barcodes Necessary #8, Northern Ireland.
With a name like that you would be right in thinking that this Dutch outfit are a straightedge band. There are 7 songs on this and every one of them is bursting with an abundance of youthcrew/posicore hardcore-fuelled energy. The songs are medium to fast paced and really hammer along like there's no tomorrow. The quality of the song structures and the recording on the instruments are top notch, they have a deadly production, but I wish the vocals were a bit louder. This is a real shame because they would have added more power to this already great band. The quality of the songs is Uniform Choice 'Screaming...', coupled with that of Youth Of Today 'We're Not...' and the likes of their Dutch comrades Mainstrike and touches of Man Lifting Banner. The songs deal with more than your average sXe subjects and have anti-religion, unsafe food testing and other things. The graphic aspect of this release is also great, really eye pleasing and a joy to look at - along with playing. If you are into the youthcrew vibe then pick this up as it is ace.

Reflections #11, The Netherlands.
In a great looking layout, which reminded me a lot of the stuff that Coalition Records does, comes the debut 7" from Soberesponse. It's obvious that these guys get quite some inspiration from the socialist/ commie literature and politics and that's all fine with me. It's not your typical youthcrew-subjects here. The music however is in that department and they suprised me in the fact that it's better as what I expected. The vocals are rough and fit the fast music. Too bad that I heard rumours about this band (members?) not being Straight Edge anymore, while they have lyrics like 'Who's Right' which is totally against drunks... Okay, better as I expected but not the best thing to come from Commitment.

Speak My Mind #1, The Netherlands.
Is it possible to recycle vinyl? I mean you can recycle paper, glass, some plastics, but vinyl? You want to know why I want to know that, well when it's possible to recycle vinyl that will mean there is still hope for this 7". It would be a shame as something like this would end up in the dumpster, maybe they can press another record over this one? The artwork is nice so I'll keep the sleeve, but the rest is worthless, the music lacks power and the singer lacks aggression, emotion, it's the worst thing Commitment has and hopefully will release ever! I don't know what is so different about the path Soberesponse takes, but I do hope they'll get lost and can't find a path back. Besides, I wrote this review even before knowing some of the guys in this band have lost the edge.

Side Up #2, Singapore.
After their split demo with Vitamin X, this is their latest release to date. Consist of different nationality, they had formed Soberesponse. By the way, great name. This band has a heavy influence of the legendary band, Manliftingbanner. You can hear this band is heavy influenced by Manliftingbanner thru their ideological and also musicwise. Their lyrics are about posers, fakes, the right to disagree and many other stuffs included in their lyrics. I've heard this band plays great when they perform live on stage. If any of you guys/gals reading this zine has a tape or even of these guys playing live, pls contact me.

Step Forward #3, The Philipinnes.
The overall approach of this record reminds me a whole lot of MLB, which is actually no suprise since they are both from Holland. Their music and ideology is heavily influenced by Manliftingbanner. Lots of stop and go's in this record, short and to the point songs and also does the quick blasts of guitars that MLB is famous for. Lyrics talk about the non-existence of god, media manipulation, friendship, etc. Nice cover too- taken from a window restaurant of a war ridden Moscow in 1917. The only setback that this record suffers is that the vocals are too soft in the mix. If only it was mixed louder, it would've sounded agrier and more fierce. I heard this band broke up. I hope not.

Straight Force #4, USA.
More sXe hardcore from the Netherlands! But not like OIL at all, except for the "old school" sound. This is less melodic and VERY fast, like Cornerstone. Like all of their labelmates, kinda generic structured songs, but still catchy. A good release! I'm glad to see the sudden explosion of old school bands from Europe!

Words Run As Thick As Blood #1, Norway.
Maybe the most international band in this review section, with members that originally come from Russia, Finland and former Yugoslavia. They also seem to be members of the International Socialists, just like the great band of the past ManLiftingBanner. If I also add that they're straight edge, then you should have a fairly good idea of what their lyrics deal with. Similar to the Commitment bands Soberesponse plays old school sXe/hc. Maybe the MLB of the late 90's?