6-song 7"

Out Of The Shadow
Guidance Redone
Genuine Poser
Romero's Trilogy

First pressing:
100 copies on transperant yellow vinyl
950 copies on black vinyl
Second pressing:
525 copies on black vinyl, with a slighty different cover and different labels on the record
release-date: March, 13, 1998

€ 6 ppd world


Arm's Length #2, The Netherlands.
I never thought that Frank Sinatra would be into straight edge, but he spoke some really wise words in the beginning of the EP. So it was hard to exceed this part, but they did. This 6 songs 7" is really tough, it is really positive and it gives me the feeling that you can't describe... That means that it is almost as cool as Atari. Another 7" that can't be missing in your record collection.

Back To Back #4, The Netherlands.
Old school straight edge hardcore leeft weer helemaal in Nederland. Bands als Vitamin X, Reaching Forward, X-Men, Oil en Spirit 84 zijn daar het bewijs van. Het Rotterdamse GuidingLine kan daar ook aan toegevoegd worden, want op deze 7" wordt die stijl volop gespeeld. 6 nummers lang krijg je snelle old school hardcore met veel singalongs en 'go!'s' te horen. De zanger zingt de teksten die onder andere over nazi's en hardcore gaan met veel aggressie en dat maakt de band nog beter. Er straalt gewoon zoveel energie af van deze band dat ik zeker weet dat ze live de zaal plat spelen. Dit is gewoon een hele goede 7" die ik iedere old school hardcore fan aanraad te gaan kopen.

Heartattack #22, USA.
If you like the sounds of Insted and Chain Of Strength, than this band might make you happy. Rather generic with the some old Floorpunch parts and the same old gos. Songs about being straight and youth crews. Vinyl's nice and thick and the layout is colorful and easy to read.

International Straight Edge Bulletin #25, France.
I read a couple of interviews and heard a couple songs by this band before, and this leaves me with the same mind feelings. The cover artwork is funny and original which is a nice change from a "basic SxE" outfit. The intro is hilarious. The music is good tight fast '88 style SxE Hc; Insted, Side By Side, etc. Unfortunately the lyrics are not so good as they rehash all the classic SxE lines into moronic slogans. They want to firestorm people, launch justice crusades and shed blood. I think there are members of Crivits in this band (??).

I Stand Alone #11, USA.
This seven-inch has its positives and negatives. I like the fact that they are strongly supportive of a vegan straightedge lifestyle. The lyrics are militant and reminiscent of early Earth Crisis. However if you are expecting metal then you're in for a suprise. This is old school youth crew with a new slant (They do warn you to "now prepare for the firestorm"). Anyway, I'm more a metal kid than an old school kid but it's good in it's own right. I'd like it more if it didn't get pretty cheesy in spots. This was the lyric that did me in: "Feel the wrath of our angry youth crew". I'd like them to focus a bit more on the lyrics but I should not that since this band is from the Netherlands some of the problems might lie in the translation. Hell, I certainly couldn't write a song in another language and if I did it would sound like a first grader wrote it. I applaud their efforts.

Join Kao #7, Denmark.
Either I've been missing out on something or positive hardcore has really made a strong comeback in the last year or so. Dutch youth crew gandugandung riding at a high pace & w/ confidence in themselves & their cause. Some people find it easy to laugh at newborn old school straight edgers simply because they're said to be 10 years too late, but honestly; the energy & spirit of things like GuidingLine is so contagious thats its hard not to refrain from starting a one-man circle pit around the dinnertable immidiately after putting this one on the turntable.

Like An Arrow #1, The Netherlands.
I still can't forgive my self for missing their release party, couldn't get off work, fuck it. Anyway, life goes on. GuidingLine just got signed to Third Party Records and they deserve it. At the moment there are a lot of cool bands around in Holland that are always fun at shows, but GuidingLine is one of the few that can actually measure up to our friends overseas. The lyrics are a bit too much for me, but fun to sing along. I despise the ugly layout on this one (some sort of comic) but a lot of people have told me they liked it so who am I, right? Right. I'll just shut up now, just get this and support a band that deserves to get big.

Me And Mr. T., Mexico.
No porque no he escuchado mas de este grupo me quedaron muchas ganas de escuchar mas. 6 canciones de hardcore oldschool con eesas letras de las cuales te acuerdas cuando estas viendo a gente que quieres intoxicándose o a gente bien tonta pisteando o drogándose nada mas para tratar de impresionar a los demás. Mucho orgullo SXE.

MRR #181, USA.
Pure '88, youth crew, finger pointing, sing along, posicore coming from the Netherlands. This EP is pretty damn good, fans of the new retro-straight-edge movement should really enjoy this. It's done really well with some strong vocals, a lot of fast parts, and the essential breakdowns for all the dancers out there. The cover has some unusual artwork on it, so watch for the name, cuz it doesn't fit the stereotypical collegic-font-band- photo-cover mold. But find it, cuz it's worth the effort.

New Wind #1, France.
This 7" came out on Commitment Recs, a rad label from Holland. This band is my favourite European oldschool straight edge band, so if you like your review objective, stop reading it, cause you won't find any negative point in here. Just to let you know how good they are, they had proposals to release a 7" then maybe a full length on the rad oldschool label Third Party Records from the USA. Musically it's raging fingerpointing oldschool HC, sure to make you do a circle pit mayhem alone in your room. Live, they are a benediction... This 7" is a masterpiece, really, I'm dead serious. The lyrics are not even cheesy when they deal with SxE or the scene, they talk about animal rights also (read the interview for more info about them) always in a clever way. You'll get 6 fast tunes with a killer intro which could be described as a poison free Frank Sinatra singing... A must have if you ask me. I love these guyz!!!

Reflections #12, The Netherlands.
This should have been in the last issue but something went wrong and some reviews were lost, including this one. So, here we go again: GuidingLine should have a second 7" out by now, on Third Party Records and they deserve any aspect of that. They play great old-style hardcore with pretty militant songs about Straight Edge but aren't intolerant about it. Trust me, I know these guys! The most obvious thing about this 7" is the brilliant coverart (but I guess everyone has seen that already!). If you don't have this by now, you probably didn't care either...

Speak Our Minds #1, The Netherlands.
I already knew the songs of this record but still it was a pretty big suprise to see the final result. Just look at the artwork, it's so... weird. Definitely not the standard hardcore thing. Musicwise they make every effort of a lot more familiar things. The music can be desribed as fast, energetic hardcore with a lot of singalongs and "GO!'s". The lyrics are, to say the least, fanatical. "Now prepare for the firestorm" ... "Feel the wrath of our angry Youth Crew" ... "The art of war, prepare for a total blood-shed". I guess you can say this band puts it all quite plainly, but hey, there's nothing wrong with taking an explicit stand, is it?

Spirit Remains #2, Sweden.
This is awesome youth-crew released on Commitment, a upcoming sXe label in Europe. They have brought us several good releases and I hope they'll continue with that. Well, this 7" is not an exception. I love this 7". Fast, hard straight edge youth-crew power hits us in our faces! The singer is also very good, mixes screams with more "talk-sings", great! But the best is the lyrics. Hard, rather militant lyrics. Deals with sXe, posers and even a pro death penalty song [ this is a mistake - the members of GuidingLine are against the death penalty - if they would have been a pro death penalty band, they would not have been on Commitment ! Robert ]. Just read this, (Saving innocent lives by taking you out, we declare WAR ON YOU). I totally agree! As always on Commitment, nice and clean layout. And yeah!, I almost forgot. They have the coolest intro ever, a little bit of Frank Sinatra ... (I get no kick of champagne...). Here's the sXe record!!!.

Stepping Stone #1, The Netherlands.
Finally some Dutch h.c. blood! I've seen these guys several times live and I must say they rock!! So, I was also curious for a studio release. And, now here it is. Already the 5th release on the fresh, Dutch, youth-crew label Commitment. 6 fine songs with some real serious, clear lyrics, that deal about though guys, nazi's and other sicko's and humanimal rights and abstinence. According to the "Showdown" song, I'm really curious whenever they meet a bunch of nazi's, that these, not that big h.c. guys, really will stand up to them. They might get killed themselves, but I admire their courage! This 7" is a must have, support your local hardcore scene!! Oh, yes, thank you for thanking me in your thanxlist!!

Straight Force #4, USA.
I didn't know what to expect from the weird layout of the record, but sXe hardcore staying true to the style of Commitment Records. A little more punk influenced than the others, with a little less of an energetic singer. Political lyrics, and a fairly original record. Good musicians too! Plus, ending with "Yippee Ky Yo Ky Yah Muther Fucker" sample from Die Hard equals bonus points. Score another for Commitment!

Union Of Individuals #1, France.
Well, it's the debut 7" of this young Dutch band from Rotterdam. Six songs here in the vein of the Insted EP. Their lyrics deal with usual hardcore topics: straight-edge, racism, animal rights, and a song "dedicated to every neo-nazi, facist, rapist, childmolestor, vivisector and to all other demons who degrade humanity with their poisoned minds..." written with a very moralist way. The art work is a bit strange, very different from the other Commitment releases... I like it.

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