6-song 7"

Falling Behind
Your Words, Not Ours
Fantastic Colors
Back On Our Feet
Smoke And Choke
Metal Free Youth

1500 copies on black vinyl
release-date: December 20, 1997

€ 6 ppd world.


Arm's Length #2, The Netherlands.
A surpising 7" by this young, Dutch lads. Great musically, old school straight edge. The lyrics are more radical, titles like "Metal Free Youth" and "Smoke And Choke" should say enough. They actually started as a sign to every one who forgot how to fingerpoint and sing a long. To warn the scene for all those bands who were just going into slowdown songs and coded messages. Real old school. Buy this!

Back To Back #4, The Netherlands.
Net als de meeste andere bands op Commitment speelt Oil ook youth crew hardcore, maar Oil is toch wel een beetje een geval apart. De muziek heeft veel meer melodie en is ook minder snel. En ook de zang valt op, die met veel emotie -alsof hij moet huilen- gebracht wordt. De teksten waarom ze bekend staan vind ik een beetje dom en overdreven, maar ik weet niet of die serieus genomen moeten worden. Maar over het algemeen een zeer goede 7" van deze Nederlandse band.

Cosy-Zine #3, Belgium.
This is the third release on Commitment Records. This is the old school style and it's really good, I think some parts are really original. In the song 'Back On Our Feet' you hear some hands clapping in the rhythm. It's a 6 song 7", good recording quality, lyrics about collecting coloured vinyl (in a bad way), there is an anti-smoke song and a song called 'Metal Free Youth': I don't agree with everything they say, but it's a great 7".

Embrace #5, Malaysia.
This was quite an old released but it's still kick ass. Reminds me a lot to Nations on Fire, in fact the singer sounds a lot like Edward's NOF. Songs about wanting the metal out of the HC scene, collecting colored vinyl(is that wrong? I guess I'm lucky to not have a turntable) and some personal issues. Good band, no problem! I'm looking forward to their new release.

Forum #4, Malaysia.
Gosh, this one is great. Good stuffs from Oil and Commitment Rds. Cool 'youth crew' like photos, glossy 3-way folded sleeves.. what else do you want ?? Musically, they remind me a lot of the old days. Great lyrics too ! The song 'Fantastic Colors' would surely knock those record collectors heads off! (I hope to hear songs about picture disc collectors next time guys), 'Metal Free Youth' would be my personal anthem and the song 'Smoke And Choke' seems like a militant SxE song (is it ?). There's 3 more songs in this record which make it a must for you HC kids who missed the old days. I'll add 10 more HC points for the X'd construction gloves. I like this !!

Get In Touch #5, The Philippines.
First off, this 7" were released last year. I don't know if Oil has released any new record, I really love their kind of style (Whatelse? 80's style of course). I know lots of people hate this Youth Crew revival kinda thing but no one really can stop me. Just sit there and listen to your favorite prog-rock record. OK. Enough said, lyricwise? Uum! They have that militant ideals like in the song 'Smoke And Choke' (we'll beat that cancerstick down your throat), but in some way the lyrics are too funny and not too serious the lyrics of 'Fantastic Colors' (collecting colored vinyl is so lame). I don't agree in most of the lyrics, but they really amazed me when I read on their opening statement that when they recorded the demo, Oil were only 4 months old. The vocals are soft, somewhere between Insted and Mouthpiece. About the packaging and recording it was superb, full glossy cover and good layout commitment really impressed me. Try this one.

Heartattack #22, USA.
Wow, this is another great 7" from Commitment Records. It's not as edgy as the Vitamin X 7", but it is similarly styled and minded with strictly conscious lyrics. They're totally inspired by the late eighties but don't come across as merely regurgitating it. There is more clapping and singing along and the layout is of quality consistent with European releases. Wholly recommended.

I Stand Alone #10, USA.
Yet another "back to the old school" band. They seem like nice kids but I have to question a band that wrote one song about how colored vinyl is dumb and another about how metal is ruining hardcore. Can't they find some important issues to publicize? I think they mean well, and the music's well done old school stuff - but lyrically this record means nothing to me. Different things are important to different people, so I'm sorry and I don't mean to be judgemental. I'm just not interested in this band.

Knuffelpunk, The Netherlands.
Yeah! Dit is echt het allercoolse wat ik de laatste tijd heb gehoord. Oil is, zoals ze zelf zeggen opgericht als een band om fingerpointing hardcore positivity en singalongs terug te brengen in de hedendaagse hardcorescene, en dat is ze zeker gelukt. Wat heeft die zanger een fijne stem zeg, zo'n aparte stem hoor je maar zelden, ik kan er maar geen genoeg van krijgen. Het ultieme singalong anti-rokers lied Smoke And Choke is m'n favoriet. Metal Free Youth spreekt voor zich, misschien een klein beetje overdreven maar ik kan me er voor een deel wel in vinden, metalinvloeden lopen vandaag de dag inderdaad de spuigaten uit. Let tussen haakjes op de releases van GuidingLine, Soberesponse en Vitamin X binnenkort op Commitment.

Koekrand #91, The Netherlands.
Oil heb ik al enkele malen live mogen aanschouwen en doet het ook op de gelijknamige Oil 7" wat traditioneler en dat wil zeggen dat ze zes prima up- en midtempo hardcore-songs laten horen die, hoe je het ook wendt of keert, vaak doen denken aan die van de bands die aan het eind van de jaren tachtig vanuit Washington D.C. de wereld bestookten. Niet dat daar iets mis mee is want het prachtige en ingehouden Back On Your Feet bijvoorbeeld behoort zeker tot de betere in haar soort en Dagnasty zelf had het niet beter kunnen doen.

Me and Mr. T #1, Mexico.
Si me dijeran que son grupos diferentes los que están en este disco les creería. Por un lado tenemos tres canciones aburridímas de hc oldschool con voz aguna y una canción que esta en contra de coleccionar discos de colores que la verdad no se que tiene de malo. Y ahora por el segundo lado tenemos otras tres canciones con un cambio radical (bueno no tan radical, es que nada mas quería usar la palabra radical ahora voy a usar mas esa palabra y también crucial esas son palabras chidad), en la primera canción le meten aplausos que van al ritmo de la música, cualquier canción HC con aplausos debe estar chida, la segunda es una canción rápida que se llama "Smoke And Choke" qua también est chida y la última es una canción en contra de metal que se llama "Metal Free Youth" "We've said it once and we'll say it again. Metal is the beginning of the fucking end...". Lo única que no me puedo acostumbrar es a esa voz aguda llorona pero la demás si me gusto.

MRR #179, USA.
This is a nice change for me. OIL are melodic straight edge, and their vocal sound is like that of early YOUTH of TODAY and SHELTER. I like this because it is catchy, and it is melodic which most sXe bands aren't. OIL aren't wimpy though, they go nuts at the right time with the sing alongs and fingerpoints.

No Barcodes Necessary #8, Northern Ireland.
Another way cool youth-crew/posi core band on the excellent Commitment Records. This maybe a little old now, though I'm not too sure if you can still get it - but you should definitely ask for it. 6 tracks of energetic metal free hardcore, very much in the vein of those Orange Country sXe bands of the late 80's with a singer with a pretty unusual voice. It's like a less metal little brother of Judge and the recording is really good, so that's a bonus in my book. Songs dealing with collecting coloured vinyl (the lyrics for this are anti), metal free hardcore, smoking (I hope they are joking on the last bit), and other things. Interesting graphics, as are all the records on this label, there's not one bad thing I can say about this label - not that I go out my way to look for bad things. Cool stuff.

Reflections #10, The Netherlands.
Great production and great songs! These 'Metal Free Youths' keep the 'Metal out of our scene'. Pure, old school hardcore with angry lyrics against smokers, coloured vinyl collectors, sell-outs and metal. Is this the Dutch Project X? Fast hardcore, energy and pissed off as nothing else. How could I not like this? There's still some doubts how serious the lyrics are, but hey, how serious was Project X?

Side Up #2, Singapore.
This is their new release on Commitment Records since their 'demo 1997'. A great release by this band. Most of the songs, which have appeared in the demo, are found in this 7". 6 songs full of that '88 music and they are old-skool to the bone. This 7" has developed into a lot of controversy especially the lyrics. Lyricwise, they're in that militant Project X style. For example, 'Fantastic Colors' is a song about collecting coloured vinyls. 'Smoke And Choke' is a song about smokers and 'Metal Free Youth' is a song that tells that metal has no place in this scene. This 3 songs have caught my attention a lot. Look out for this band in the future they'll be going to release their full-length album at the beginning of 1999.

Speak Our Minds #1, The Netherlands.
Well, if this is an indication of what Commitment is going to release in the future I sure as hell am going to buy all their releases! From the first song 'till the last one on this seveninch, Oil brings some very rocking tunes. They play the oldschoolstyle but in a rather unique way, some of their songs are slower than the average youth crew song, but still they are great. There is even a song which has a clapping hands-sound on the background! There's one song about collecting coloured vinyl, and the smash hit of this record is the song called 'Metal Free Youth'. I don't think I've got to tell you what it deals with! This band is one of the upcoming Dutch Straight Edge bands and I think they're great.

Step Forward #3, The Philipinnes.
I can plainly consider the debut EP of Oil as one of the best things to come out of Commitment Records (and believe me that is a big task). As usual, the layouts are marvelous (what do you expect from Commitment Records?). The vocalist sounds like he listened to too many DC emo bands like Rites Of Spring. Don't get me wrong, the vocalist fits the music like a glove (with X's that is!). Great and funny lyrics too. One is about colored vinyl collectors 'never mind the color, the music stays the same, collecting colored vinyl is so lame!'. The song Smoke And Choke is kinda militant (funny militant that is, kinda like Project X) 'We'll beat that cancerstick down your throat'. This is just fucking awesome!

Stepping Stone #1, The Netherlands.
Already the third release of the Commitment label, and this is a very cool release. I must say that Oil has got its very own sound and therefor seperates themselves from many other youth crew bands. The songs are overall a bit more melodic and that's what I like very much. But in my eyes (oh, that's a cool band) there are only two negative aspects. I don't enjoy the singer that much, but everytime I play this 7" I must say I'm starting to get used to it. And I think some lyrics are stupid, ridiculous and negative. The best song has the worst lyrics in this case! How strange! And don't you dare touch on of my friends, because he or she smokes, you're gonna wind up dead. That's a real threat! But although, this is still an exciting record!

Straight Force #4, USA.
SXE Hardcore from the Netherlands in the same style as all our Commitment Records reviews. High pitched, Uniform Choice- esque vocals, and similar musically to Better Than 1000 (Better Than 800 maybe?). Some cheesy lyrics though (ie: collecting colored vinyl is "lame" and beating up smokers), but very good besides. One of my favourites yet!

Union Of Individuals #1, France.
"Metal is the beginning of the fucking end... Get your metal out of the scene", those words desribe very well what Oil is really about... No metal here, just straight forward Youth Of Today influenced hardcore... There are a lot of melody and sing along in these songs... Their topics are about collecting colored vinyl (they said it sucks, I'm agree with you guys!), commitment to something you believe in, hardcore scene, cigarettes... The old days of fingerpointing, sing along and positivity are back, so check this record or go fuck!!!