8-song Compilation double-7"

Oil: Your Words, Not Ours
Soberesponse: As Good As Dead
Guiding Line: Values Intact
One More: Oppression
Vitamin X: How Can You Be True
Spawn: Origin
Mainstrike: Times Still Here (live)
By The Grace Of God: Beneath The Blue

250 copies on red/blue vinyl
800 copies on black vinyl
release-date: June, 29, 1997

This double-7" was given away free to all visitors of the sXe-festival with the same name, that was held on June, 29, 1997 in Amsterdam.



7-song Compilation 7"

GuidingLine: Break The Chain
Oil: Smoke And Choke
Soberesponse: As Good As Dead
One X More: Oppression
Vitamin X: How Can You Be True
Mainstrike: Times Still Here (live)
By The Grace Of God: Beneath The Blue

500 copies on black vinyl
rerelease-date: March, 3, 2000



Direct Hit #1, Northern Ireland.
Initially released as a double 7" in 1997 and now repressed as a single 7", this comp is a reflection of a festival that happened in Amsterdam and was basically smoke free. All the bands on it played at the fest and the songs here are ace, well apart from Mainstrikes' that isn't that hot. There's an excellent intro fro Rob Pennington about people thinking that their image will change something - pah - we agree on that. By The Grace Of God, Oil, Soberesponse, GuidingLine, One X More, Vitamin X and as I mentioned Mainstrike are on it. Apart from one or two bands it's like an all star Commitment Records line up - ha, ha ! It's an ace 7" full of energetic bands, good songs and with lots to say. Straight edge to the max.

Hardblood #2, Belgium.
On this 7" are all the bands that played at the festival on 29/6/97 in Amsterdam, I've got a lot of good memories of that festival. First band: Oil, 'live' they were an imitation of Project X, but on this song the vocals aren't that heavy (I like more PxWxRx-type of vocals). But if you listen a few times to this song, it's awesome. Oil's song is dedicated to a metal free scene. Second band is Soberesponse. They start with a major sing-along, followed by a fast part, I like it. On side xx, there's GuidingLine. I had seen them before, but they couldn't impress me back-then, but they set things straight in Amsterdam and also this song is a great piece of oldschool music. Next band is a band from my area: OneXMore. I guess they have the fastest song on this 7" and their singer has a quite brutal voice for this type of music. The second 7" starts with Vitamin X, which contains members of Soberesponse. The voice is totally different than that on the promo-tape, their lyrics are totally oldschool and they should bring out an ep real soon, so be sure to check it out. Sixth band is Spawn with an already released song. Their studio was cancelled, so they couldn't record a new song for this 7". I used to like Spawn, but their last CD is boring and so is this song ('Origin'). Then comes Mainstrike with a live-version of the best song of their CD: 'Times Still Here'. Their CD isn't as good as their 7", but in Amsterdam Mainstrike showed that they're still a great live-band. Last band: By The Grace Of God, they also impressed me 'live'. B.T.G.O.G.'s MCD is nice, but on stage, they're a very energetic band. This song is a bit different from their MCD, more oldschool. This 7" is a good opportunity to check out the new breed of youth crew bands. Robert of Commitment did a good job with releasing this 7" and he also explained why he did the festival.

I Stand Alone #10, USA.
This record was released at the se hardcore festival in Amsterdam last summer. It contains songs from eight of the bands playing that day. Some of the bands featured are Oil, Mainstrike, Spawn, Vitamin X, and By The Grace Of God. With the exception of BTGOG all the bands are European and tend towards the old-school style. It's an easy way to get an introduction to some of the European scene and hear some different bands.

Join Kao #7, Denmark.
8 bands that played a Dutch SxE festival in '97; Oil, Soberesponse, GuidingLine, One More, Vitamin X, Spawn, Mainstrike & By The Grace Of God. Mostly snappy posicore & mostly pretty damn great. The most important thing about this release is maybe the way the festival was organised & the fact that everything was a benefit for refugee-aid groups. Very cool.

Maximum Rock n Roll #172, USA.
This double 7" comp was released as part of the "The Return Of The X-Men" festival in Amsterdam. Which sought for one day to turn the drug capital of the world intro the "Straight Edge" capital and to benefit a refugee aid program in the process. Most of the bands are European which is quite good considering that European straightedge generally seems more politicized, intelligent and punk influenced than its American counterpart which is mostly mired in dumb machismo and bad metal riffs. Included are Oil, Soberesponse, GuidingLine, One More, Vitamin X, Spawn, Mainstrike and By The Grace Of God.

Maximum Rock n Roll #205, USA.
Mostly European straightedge from a label with a deserved reputation for providing just that. This is a repress of the double EP comp of a couple of years ago, with a slight twist. The OIL song from the double has been replaced with something a bit cleaner (as sound quality goes), the GUIDING LINE song was replaced (same reasons) and the SPAWN song was dropped (it was long and appeared on a subsequent LP). What you're left with is a consistent, concentrated and filler-free audio documentation of this 1997 festival. While I've had my share of problems with straight edge dogma, there's certainly a lot here of value, and some food for thought. Some bands work more traditional SE sounds, but in an energetic and engaging way. Other bands are: SOBERESPONSE, ONE X MORE, VITAMIN X, MAINSTRIKE and BY THE GRACE OF GOD.

Reflections #9, The Netherlands.
After the awesome first release on Commitment records (the YOT live 7") here's Robert's second effort. And what an effort it is! As many may know Robert organized a show titled 'The Return Of The X-Men', well this is the 7" that everyone got who went there!! Did anyone did that before? An awesome initiative!! And so is this double single. The festival was also a benefit for refugee-organisations and there's a list of printed from these refugee-aid groups. Speaking of hardcore being more than just music... I guess we can all learn a thing from this guy! Really nice artwork based on (you guessed it already!) the X-men and great bands. My favourites? GuidingLine, By The Grace Of God and Mainstrike. Support this label, support the real hardcore! Watch out for more releases from this label!

Side Up #2, Singapore.
This comp. double 7" is recorded live at the Straight Edge Hardcore Festival in Amsterdam, Holland [ this is not correct: all tracks were record before the festival, and only one track is a live track. (ed.) ]. On the 29.6.1997, Robert Voogt of Commitment Records had organized the SxE festival with line-up featuring Oil, Soberesponse, GuidingLine, One More, Vitamin X, Spawn, Mainstrike and By The Grace Of God. Each band contributed one song to the comp. This comp 7" is the best 7" I've heard so far. This 7" features the new breed of youth crew bands. But sadly, I think it is sold out by now cause I've received one of the last few copies left from Robert. Anyway, I can't resist to review this fantastic 7". Overall, it's a good release by a small DIY label.

Slaves Of Mainstream #3, The Netherlands.
This double 7" was released together/for the "Return Of The X-Men" festival on the 29th June '97. All bands who played there are on this 7" with one song. Bands on it are: Oil, Soberesponse, GuidingLine, OneXMore, Vitamin X, Spawn, Mainstrike and By The Grace Of God. As you see the music covers all oldschool HC bands from around the world. My personal favourites are Oil, GuidingLine, OneXMore and ofcourse the "almighty" By The Grace Of God. Lyrics of all bands are printed, besides that the do. 7" contains a writing about why this show was organised and about the work of Refugee Aid, because the show was a benefit-show for them. Great do. 7" with some great oldschool tunes !!

Union Of Individuals #1, France.
This compilation is released as part of 'The Return Of The X-Men' festival in Amsterdam the 29th of June 1997. All the bands on this compilation played at the show. So there are eight bands. Let's start from the famous ones. Spawn, played the worst song of this comp, they played a boring 'newschool', not really original... Their first records were great, so you better listen their 7", split 7" with F.T.F. or their first CD. There is Mainstrike, they've got a live song "times still here". Great song, great lyrics, great band... By The Grace Of God (ex-Endpoint) plays fast and melodic sXe hardcore like early Endpoint or early Dag Nasty stuffs. There are also four other Dutch bands and one from Belgium. Oil are 'dedicated to a metal-free scene' (fuck yeah!!!). It sounds like Insted, 7 Seconds, Youth Of Today... A 7" is out right now on Commitment. The other bands are: Soberesponse, GuidingLine, Vitamin X and One More. All those bands are into youth crew stuff... Their 7" will be out soon on Commitment. OK, I think this record is a classic, it's a must, you must check it if you haven't got it yet. The NEW YOUTH CREW IS BACK kids!!! Go!!!