7-song 7"

A Time We'll Remember
No More
Break Down The Walls
Can't Close My Eyes
Minor Threat
Standing Hard

1050 copies on grey vinyl
release-date: August, 28, 1996
Someone from the USA bootlegged the record in 1998 on black vinyl.

The original pressing is sold out.


Hardblood #2, Belgium.
I don't know whether I should review this or not, because I don't know what to say about it. Yeah, what can you say about Y.O.T.? That they're a new band, I guess not! I can say that the soundquality is pretty okay if you know that these songs were recorded on a walkman, that there are a few textes in the booklet: YOT-history, YOT-discography,... Maybe you should buy it because this label is going to support new or unknown bands with the money they make with this record. I like it, if you care.

International Straight Edge Bulletin #23, France.
Another bootleg? Wait! This one is official. The record is worth for the fantastic layout alone (band history, tour report, statements by the label (SxE, DIY), and lyrics). It's really too bad the sound quality is so horrible. Why didn't they use a better one ?

MRR #162, USA.
These guys need no introduction. This is a legitimate release of some live recordings from a show in Amsterdam, recorded in March 1989. The sound quality is so-so, the drums and guitar practically bury everything from time to time, but the energy from their perfomance is still there, especially in songs like "Can't Close My Eyes", "Standing Hard", and even in their covers of "Minor Threat (MINOR THREAT), and "Malfunction" (CRO-MAGS). Seven songs in all, all of 'em hardcore classics nonetheless. There's also a history and lyrics enclosed with this package, not to mention it's on gray vinyl. A lot of effort was put into this release. If you're a fan of Y.O.T. you'll be pleased, or if you're just discovering them, check this out.

Stepping Stone #1, The Netherlands.
Unfortunately I didn't know all their songs back then, because back then I was only a couple of years younger than Sammy in those days. But for the people who want to relive those times here is a 7" that brings you back to those days. In the 7" you can find the whole history of Y.O.T. and a complete discography, and some other nice things you maybe want to know. This 7" contains songs like "A Time We'll Remember", "No More" and covers like "Malfunction" and "Minor Threat". For a live recording I have to say that the sound quality doesn't sound that bad. I think it's a nice initiative from Commitment Records.