After Buffalo, NY straight edge band Our Times broke up, Jason Perry (guitar) teamed up with Frank Niemiec (vocals), Bill Franger (aka Will, guitar) and Mike Hansen (drums) of No Love Lost and Cody Lods (bass) of Impact and formed Better Times. Musically, Better Times play midtempo-to-fast youthcrew hardcore.
The band played their first show on January 30th, 2011. In Februari 2011, the band recorded their first demo, that was released the next month, when Better Times also played their second show, with The Carrier headlining.
In April, Mike Bird, a 19-year member of the Buffalo straight edge community, was seriously injured during a Terror-Trapped Under Ice-show in Buffalo, NJ. Better Times took the initiative to raise money to cover his medical costs, with many bands, labels and kids joining.
In the meantime, Mike had been replaced by Andrew Stark (aka Drew) on drums. In October, the band recorded six new songs, to be released as a tape on Like Glue Records. In November 2011, the band did its first weekend tour, playing shows in Kentucky and Ohio. In December 2011, Like Glue released the tape EP 'Better Measures'. The last song on the record was inspired by the Occupy Movement, supporting especially the fact that this movement inspired people to be critical about what's happening around them, to question the way society was working, and the role big corporations played.
Bill left the band in April 2012 and the band carried on as a four piece. In September 2012, Dutch straight edge label Commitment Records re-released the 'Better Measures' on 7. Better Times is planning to record for a new 7 later in 2012.


Frank Niemiec - vocals (2010-present)
Jason Perry - guitar (2010-present)
Cody Lods - bass (2010-2003)
Andrew Start - drums (2011-present)

Former members:
Bill Franger - guitar (2010-2012)
Mike Hansen - drums (2010-2011)


Demo 2011 MC/CD-R (self-released, 2011)
Better Measures MC (Like Glue Records, 2011)
Split with Eisberg MC (Commitment UK, 2012)
Better Measures 7" (Commitment Records, 2012)