North American labels - links

625 Records - the place to go for fastcore
Blue Water Boy Records - label for emotional hardcore
Crimes Against Humanity Records - label from MN, USA, that mainly puts out extreme HxC and crust
Dead Alive Records - New Jersey hardcore label
Destroyed Umbrella Records - hardcore/punk label from Elmhurst, IL, USA
Doomed Youth Records - Chicago HxC label specialized in fast and thrashy HxC
Malfunction Records - USA hardcore label
Six Weeks Records - hardcore label from the USA specialized in fast and political hardcore
Smorgasbord Records - legendary hardcore label from the USA
Third Party Records - USA sXe/positive HxC label
Turkey Vulture Records - USA hardcore label
Ugly Pop Records - hardcore label from Canada
Youngblood Records - label from the USA that specializes in positive fast hardcore