Straight Edge Bands - links

Accion Positiva 247 - melodic christian sXe from Mexico
Black Friday 29 - aggressive sXe hardcore from Germany
Burden - Canadian sXe
Colligere - Brazilian emo-influenced HxC, features former members of Family
CrossingPoint - South African sXe
Day Of The Dead - aggressive political sXe hardcore from Portugal
Death Champs - Friesland old school sXe hardcore
Dick Cheney - vegan straight edge hardcore early 80s style from Umea, Sweden
Falcongate - Hungarian melodic old school sXe
Fall Of This Corner - emotion sXe hardcore from Taiwan
Force Of Change - old school from Germany
Forever Positively Obsessed - straight edge hardcore from Macedonia
Fuerza De Voluntad - Chilian old school sXe
Fumbles In Life - straight edge hardcore from the north of Italy
Glory Bound - Rotterdam youthXcrew straight edge
Guan 36 - Metallic straight edge from Hong Kong, China
H-Street - skate edge from Vienna
Headwalk - 'German' Edge, if you want to have a good laugh...
Hoods Up - Hamburg city positive straight edge hardcore
If Hope Dies - St. Louis youth crew sXe
In Arms Reach - Canadian hardcore
Last Quiet Time - old school sXe from Paris, France
Linea Recta - energetic sXe hardcore from Bogota, Colombia
Minha Guerra - old school vegan straight edge from Brazil
New Breed - positive new school sXe from Slovenia
New Winds - political sXe hardcore from Portugal
No Time To Lose - positive youth crew sXe from Italy
On Point - sXe youth crew from Vienna, Austria
Point Of No Return - politcal sXe hardcore from Sao Paolo, Brazil
Purification - vegan sXe metalcore from Rome, Italy
Radical Attack - old school sXe from Quebec, Canada
Reconcile - youth crew sXe from Buenos Aires
Res Gesta - old school sXe from Colombia
Sangre Joven - youth crew sXe from Guatemala
Standing In Chaos - straight edge thrashcore from Portugal
Summer League - anti-fascist old school sXe band from Bologna, Italy
The Walk Of The Shadows - straight edge gothic metal from Portugal
Till I Die - Japan's only sXe band
21 Enemy - youth crew sXe from Bordeaux, France
Uneven - souvenir website of this French all-female sXe band
Values Intact - old school sXe from Palermo, Sicily, Italy
When Seasons Change - drug free old school hardcore from Imola, Italy
X's Always Win - sXe from Poland, featuring The Age members
Xterminio - hardcoretrashpowerviolence vegan straight edge from Colombia