Other Hardcore/Punks Bands - links

Analena - Croatian emo core
L'Amico Di Martucci - thrashcore from Italy
Backslap- Old school from Stuttgart, Germany
Betercore - fast Dutch old school
Brezhnev - Amsterdam hardcore/punk veterans
Crap - young fast hardcore band from Aurich, Germany
Cutting Edge - fast hardcore from Santos, Brazil
Dead By Dawn - old school with new school elements from Norway
Dead Man Walking - old school hardcore from Germany, ex-Sincerity
Desarme - old school hardcore from Peru
Die Optimale Härte - German punk
Disaster Funhouse - Malaysian old school hardcore, featuring Boy of Commitment Asia on vocals
Domestik Doktrin - thrashcore from Bandung, Indonesia
Facto Rodio - Colombia hardcore
5 Dmenos - Colombian old school hardcore
Floorstage - thrash from Chile
Fuerza de Lucha - old school hardcore from Spain
Handplant - fast political thrashy hardcore from the North-West of Spain
Heartfelt - aggressive old school hardcore from The Netherlands
Hold Regained - mixture of old and new school from Germany
I Adapt - Old school hardcore from Iceland
In Control - Nardcore from Oxnard, CA
In Our Hands - old school from Germany, with Sincerity members
Ingegno - old school hardcore from Italy
Just Say Go! - postive and melodic youthcrew from Brisbane, Australia
King Ly Chee - metallic hardcore from Hong Kong, China
Lack Of Reason - French melodic HxC from St. Etienne
Lasting Values - old school hardcore from Croatia
Let's Grow - fast old school hardcore from Belgrade, Serbia
Libertad Perdida - political positive HxC from Panama
Lost Sight - melodic old school hardcore with some emo influences from Jakarta, Indonesia
Maestro Canibal - hardcore from Peru
Marcel Duchamp Experience - hardcore from Chile
Negazione - legendary HxC band from Torino, Italy (1983-1992)
Northstar - old school hardcore from Spain
Nothing To Prove - fast hardcore from Germany
Nudist Island - poppunk from Bandung, Indonesia
Off My Chest - hardcore from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
One Last Sin - NYC HxC
Opus Dead - hardcore band from Spain
Out Of Date - old school hardcore from Bordeaux, France
Outlive - (fast) youthcrew hardcore from Indonesia
Phoenix Rising - powerful hardcore from the south of Germany, ex-I
Positive System - hardcore from Brazil
Punchskulls - Portugese hardcore
Raksasas - fast metalcore from Germany
Reaccion Propia - hardcore from Colombia
Remain - old school hardcore from the Friesland area, Netherlands
Right Here - old school hardcore from Germany
Settle The Score - NYC-hc old school-style from Germany
Shotgun Formation - old school hardcore from Milan, Italy
Strength Approach - positive melodic old school from Rome
Tasker - Dutch old school band from the Haarlem-area, featuring Peter, ex-Oil
The Difference - the new name of Receipt, old school hardcore from Rome, Italy
The Fourth Sin - Agressive and fast old school hardcore from Rome
The Stitch - thrashy speedrock
Theysuck - early 80s guitarless hardcore from Croatia
Threat Of Riot - fast political male-female vocal hardcore from Rome
Through The Discipline - brutal NY hardcore
Tropiezo - Puertico Rico old school hardcore
Un Minuto De Silencio - metalcore from Colombia
Uppercut - Old school from Vlissingen, The Netherlands
Yawp! - fast and political Amsterdam HxC