Other Hardcore/Punk Zines - links

All About Chaos Net - European hardcore metal webzine based in Italy
All Schools - online fanzine from the München-area in Germany
At Both Ends - hardcore fanzine from Vancouver, Canada
Clama Magazine - hardcore netzine from Germany (in German)
Embrace Zine - hardcore zine from Malaysia
Firm Conviction - HxC zine from Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico
Grinding Line - online hardcore/thrash zine from France
Hardcore Times - HxC online fanzine from Ireland
Inside Knowledge - hardcore zine from The Netherlands
Jokka Net Zine - Swedish online hardcore zine
Keep The Faith - online fanzine from South Germany
Last Breath Zine - zine that sets out to become the MRR of the Balkan
Limokid - hardcore fanzine from the Slovak Republic
Mashnote E-zine - hardcore e-zine uit België
One Seven Two - fanzine/label from Singapore
Save Your Scene - online fanzine from Florence, Italy
Shoot Me Again - online fanzine from the French-speaking part of Belgium, in French
Silent Stagnation - online hardcore zine from Germany
Sisi Kehidupan Zine - online zine from Indonesia
Things We Say - printed hardcore zine from Germany
True Side Music - online European hardcore fanzine based in Germany
United - online version of this Durban (South Africa) HxC fanzine
Voice Of Reason - webzine from Germany