West European labels - links

8 Records - Italian HxC label
Anger Management - Belgian old school hardcore label
Asperü Records - thrashcore label from Portugal
Assault Records - German label focussed on fast and political HxC
Broken Bones Records - German old school label
Cycle Records - Old school hardcore label from Barcelona, Spain
Dead And Gone Records - Straight Edge hardcore label from Sheffield, UK
Dead Serious Records - hardcore/punk label from Germany
Depraved And Devilish Records - label from Germany focused on international punk and hardcore
Enslaved Records - UK label specialized in very fast HxC
Exutoire Records - French hardcore label
Fields Of Hope Records - Old school hardcore label from Germany
Goodwill Records - Hardcore label from Rome, Italy
Heart Of Fire Communications - label, distro and fanzine from Liege area
Household Name Records - London based punk, hardcore, ska-core, emo label
iXodes Records - DIY Hardcore label/distro from Germany
Kangaroo Records - hardcore label from Amsterdam, specialized in fast hardcore
Kid For Life Records - hardcore label from France specialized in fast and thrashy hardcore
Madskull Records - hardcore label from Amsterdam
New Day Records - old school hardcore label from Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Not Just Words - old school label from the Friesland area, The Netherlands
Panx Records - French HxC/punk label
Per Koro Records - German DIY label and distro
Prawda Records - Swiss hardcore label/distro
Putrid Filth Conspiracy - Swedish label specialized in crust/thrashcore
Reflections Records - Dutch hardcore label and fanzine
Regulator Records - Hardcore label from Portugal run by the Day Of The Dead guys
Scorched Earth Policy Records - German hardcore label
Second Class Kids - hardcore label from Sweden
Sell Our Souls Records - record label from Spain specialized in fastcore
Skipworth Records - hardcore label from London
Stardumb Records - Poppunk/Garage label from The Netherlands
Still Holding On Records - Belgian positive HxC/sXe-orientated label
Stonehenge Records - political HxC and emocore label from France
Wasted Youth Power Records - Dutch label run by the (former) Betercore guys
X-Mist Records - German hardcore/punk/indie label that has been around for ages
X83X Records - Swiss hardcore/metalcore label
Yellow Dog Records - crustcore label from Berlin, Germany